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Assisted Reproduction

Another View Of Surrogacy In India

For anyone considering working with a surrogate in India, I encourage you to watch this 8 minute news segment:

Watch the full episode. See more Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.

You can read the transcript here.


One comment for “Another View Of Surrogacy In India”

  • Jon

    Dr Patel is absolutely correct: there are nothing but winners in this situation. The model seems to be working just fine, even without any statutes on the books. Yes, there have been a few complicated citizenship cases, but the sensationalism that the media and other interested parties seems to try to concoct and raise fears about the exploited surrogates and the potential for child-trafficking is nothing more than a concoction: there have never been any incidents to corroborate such cruelty. As for multiple embryos implanted, well I don’t know of any Indian Octomoms. That seemed to be an American phenomenon, in what presumably is a very ethical and regulated model in the US. And as far as surrogates reneging, that seems to be common in the US; but no documented cases yet in India. Finally, I find it hypocritical when people focus on poor Indian woman turning to surrogacy for profit and attempt to stigmatize them for their decision. I have no idea why these same people say nothing about women in the West who also engage in surrogacy for profit. Why is there a stigma in one scenario and not in the other. At the end of the day commercial surrogacy is for profit, for all involved, regardless of where it is happening. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves and needs to ask themselves why they are making any distinctions when all is equal and the only differing factor is the nation and race involved of the surrogates. Whether it’s an indigent Indian woman who is doing it to pull her family out of poverty or an American housewife who needs the funds to buy a Toyota Sienna for her own family, it’s all the same really.

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