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Update On Miracles Egg Donation

A commenter to our blog was kind enough to share this information:

Yes, people have contacted the Glendora police department. Please get in touch with Lt. Tim Staab at the Glendora Police Department. Here is his email:


We were able to get a partial refund of $2500 after calling both the Glendora Police Department AND the FBI. We have still lost more than $10,000 in dealing with Allison Layton.

You are correct. She does live in a million dollar home that she recently purchased and her husband’s name is Kevin. It has been a year since we gave her our life savings and it took most of the year to get some of our money back. I wanted to throw myself in front of an AmTrak train after dealing with this woman. She is pure evil. She set us back a year in becoming parents. We are finally recovering enough emotionally to arrange a surrogacy in India…..

Posted by StillNotAMom | November 2, 2011, 11:56 am

I also wanted to mention that the $65,000 deposit we gave her never got deposited into the Allison McCluskey Escrow Agency account as stipulated in our contracted. It stayed in an account that was controlled by Allison Layton personally. That is why it took almost a year to get back $55,000 of the $65,000 we deposited.

PLEASE call or email Lt. Tim Staab of the Glendora Police Department. At the time we contacted him (about a year ago) he couldn’t do much because we were the first complaint. We are forever grateful to him for helping us retrieve $2500 of our money.

Posted by StillNotAMom | November 2, 2011, 12:01 pm

For those that have been victimized by Miracles, I encourage you to contact the Glendora Police Department at your earliest convenience. It would not come as a surprise to me to learn that Ms. Layton is planning on leaving Southern California. Consequently, it would behoove you to protect your rights and assert whatever remedies you have before that occurs.


3 comments for “Update On Miracles Egg Donation”

  • Nomorekids

    FYI…Mrs. Layton has moved to Idaho. However, I am unsure of the city.

  • Nomorekids

    FYI…Mrs. Layton has moved to Idaho. However, I am unsure of the city at this time.

  • P.S.

    The home located in Morgan Ranch “Glendora” was never purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Layton; although they did try, but unsuccessful and hoped that everyone believed the lie that they did. This property had been leased to the Layton’s while the owners of this property were going thru a foreclosure; the bank now owns the property and it will be shortly back on the market again for sale. As for Allison Layton’s Leadora residence, this had not been lavish enough……… to live up to the tale in which she told friends, family and many others and is currently in the process of foreclosure. That being said, she has no equity in any property, only more debt on top of all the debt she still owes to all the victims. Allison Layton has moved to Star, Idaho to save herself from the embarrassment of lying and stealing and lets not forget the children she left behind. Allison Layton has ran away from accepting any responsibility for her actions and the pain she has caused so many victims along with her own children; I never believed such a terrible person existed, but she has undoubtedly shown what a selfish, self centered, inconsiderate individual she is and that her only concern is herself. Allison Layton is very contradicting in making statements about helping others create families and what a joy it was having her own family noted on the Miracles Egg Donation website; and yet she left half of her family behind that brought her so much joy? Allison Layton has no integrity, reliability, competence or commitment in which defines credibility; please take caution when doing business with Miracles Egg Donation, if she could leave her own children behind and start a new life, then you can only imagine what she would be capable of doing if you put your future family “children” in her hands.

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