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Facebook To Sue Mark Zuckerburg?

News of the weird.  CBS News has reported the story of Israeli entrepreneur, Rotem Guez, who created an internet service called “Like Store” to sell Facebook “Likes” to businesses in order to build and boost their following and reputation online.  Guez added pages advertising his “service” to Facebook.  Facebook filed suit against Guez claiming that he had violated the terms of service and they subsequently deactivated his pages and banned him from the site.  In response, Guez has changed his name to Mark Zuckerburg in hopes that Facebook will not sue him.


The move is an obvious attempt to troll the social network and its co-founder the real Mark Zuckerberg. Rotem Guez even created a website dedicated to his name change.

But, wait, it gets weirder.

Guez created a video of his visit to the Ministry of Home Affairs on Dec. 7 and uploaded the video to YouTube and his business’ website days later.

“I’m Mark Zuckerberg and I’m Time’s Troll of the year!” Guez wrote on a photo he posted to the Facebook fan page, “I’m Mark Zuckerberg.” Yes, he has a fan page with 4,559 fans. The page’s profile picture is of Guez holding up a passport reflecting his name change.

Urban Dictionary defines “trolling” as “trying to get a rise out of someone. Forcing them to respond to you, either through wise-crackery, posting incorrect information, asking blatantly stupid questions, or other foolishness.”

Sounds like there’s a lot of foolishness. The fake Zuckerberg even has an elevator pitch for his name change.

“This is the true story of Israeli entrepreneur Mr. Rotem Guez, Co-Founder of ‘Like Store’, an international social marketing company, who got a threat of a lawsuit from facebook and changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg,” a statement said on the fan page.

I was thinking about how a “Like Store” would work logistically.  Would Guez create fake profiles of people who would all “like” whatever businesses paid him?  Sounds pretty sketchy and dishonest to me.

Arguably, the press Guez  is getting now is better than any he would have had on actual Facebook.  On the other hand, what a colossal waste of judicial time.  Surely Guez knows that changing his name to Zuckerburg isn’t going to result in everyone dropping their proverbial guns and giving him him a hug as though this were an after school special.  Moreover, Facebook is not a “right”, no one is entitled to Facebook.  I hope this guy goes away.  Quickly.



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