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Assisted Reproduction

Potential Octomom in China?

A mother in China, may, or may not, have recently given birth to eight children according to USA Today.  Hoax or not, the article provides an interesting overview of the laws prohibiting surrogacy in China and how couples try to circumvent the restrictions:

A 2001 law prohibits Chinese medical institutions and personnel from performing gestational surrogacy services, in which an embryo created from a couple is implanted into another woman who carries the baby to term.

Still, an underground market is thriving as more couples put off marriage and childbirth until later in life, only to find they are unable to conceive. The law forbids only the medical procedures, and agencies connecting couples and surrogates are easy to find online.

The Guangzhou Daily said the octomom couple resorted to in vitro fertilization and surrogates after years of failed attempts to conceive.

A manager for the Guangdong branch of the Daiyunguke surrogacy agency, Liu Jialei, said that this has been the busiest of his company’s seven years in business, with more than 600 surrogates matched to families. His customers are Chinese, but the medical procedures are carried out abroad, in Southeast Asia and Japan, to circumvent the law.

Chinese media reports say many procedures are also done illegally at hospitals in China.

The rest of the article can be found here.


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