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Assisted Reproduction

The Donor-Sexual Virgin Father

Previously we’ve linked to stories about Trent Arsenault, the 34-year old man who, despite being an admitted virgin, has fathered fifteen children through private sperm donation.  The FDA is attempting to stop Trent from continuing his activities on health and safety grounds and he has been getting a considerable amount of press as a result.  New York Magazine just ran a profile of the self-described donor-sexual and makes for an interesting read.

[w]hen FDA agents showed up on his porch in August 2010, Trent was a well-paid computer-security engineer at Hewlett-Packard and a 34-year-old virgin. He was also, by that point, the father of ten children. The government was not happy about how Trent had pulled this off.

But if the FDA hoped, by intervening, to save America from someone it viewed as a dangerous rogue breeder, its action did more to set back its cause than it could possibly have imagined, turning Trent into something of a poster boy for an entire generation of new DIY donors. The showdown between man and state on the free-sperm frontier drew predictable media interest, mostly mocking and outraged, which in turn generated considerable outreach from strangers, almost all overwhelmingly supportive. Since appearing on various television news programs, Trent has received hundreds of encouraging e-mails, and he’s closing in on 2,000 Facebook friends. Someone recently formed a new Facebook group called Free Sperm Donors, mimicking Trent’s eschewal of anonymity, and a similar new organization called the Known Donor Registry has quickly attracted more than 5,000 members.

The rest of the article can be found here.


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