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Assisted Reproduction

Egg & Embryo Donation: A Distinction Without A Difference?

Marna Gatlin, founder Parents Via Egg Donation, explores the differences, if any, between egg and embryo donation:

Parents via egg donation often ask questions such as:

Am I going to screw up my child?
Will my child love me?
How am I going to relate to my child?
Will my parents and other family members accept my child?
How and when will I share information about their conception?

When we look at embryo donation the questions that we find unique to embryo donation are:

Are we protected legally, can the donating parents come back and claim our child in the future? (The answer is NO, they cannot. That’s why it’s important to have a clear legal contract.)
Will my child have access to information about his or her health in the future?
Will my child have siblings and if so, will they have the opportunity to know them?
Will my child or children see me as their real parent?
How will I explain this to my family or friends?
What about stupid comments from those around me?
How and when will I share the information about my child’s conception with my child?

To me there is no difference between being a parent via egg donation or a parent via embryo donation. The end result is the same.

At the finish line we are simply Mom and Dad.

You can read the rest of Marna’s article here.


One comment for “Egg & Embryo Donation: A Distinction Without A Difference?”

  • I just love Marna and all that PVED does for our community. Same regard for you Andy, thanks so much for bringing to our work your highest of standards!!

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