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New Allegations Against Miracles Egg Donation & Surrogacy

Since last year we have been blogging about the the allegations of misconduct leveled against Miracles Egg Donation and Surrogacy. Today, another victim recounts her experiences with this agency:

Throughout the time I worked with this agency (about 18 months), I experienced unnecessary stress and anxiety about compensation that was owed to me month after month. She began taking a portion of my compensation away each month, claiming that that was what my contract stated (confusing issue), but I would not let her get away with this. I contacted the lawyer and Allison was in the wrong. When I confronted her with proof that I was owed the money, she acted like I was being a selfish bi*ch and from there more problems came about. Month after month I was dealing with her by myself and was so uncomfortable to get my IP’s involved; talking about my compensation wasn’t an easy thing to do with them. But, after I delivered and was owed thousands and thousands of dollars, I had to call my IP’s. They were outraged because apparently they were getting their trust fund statements each month showing when and how much I was being paid, so they never thought there was an issue. WELL, I wasn’t getting paid according to the statement Miracles mailed to them and stuff was not adding up. My IP’s demanded that I get paid and demanded that they close their trust fund and get their money back. My IP’s and I would then deal with that remaining compensations privately. Of course my IP’s didn’t get this money back and it took a long fight. I am not sure how that all ended.

After more investigation, I guess Allison has ran away from her business in Glendora, CA and now lives in Idaho. Some people even stated that she has left some of her children behind with her ex husband. Her business is no longer running and many people have complained to the BBB and some even got the FBI involved. She is facing some serious allegations and I hope she pays for it. No one deserves any of what she has done. For someone who was so welcoming and supportive in the beginning, I cannot believe it all ended like this. I just hope agencies like this are held responsible and nobody has to go through an experience like this. You go into surrogacy feeling secure because you have an agency and lawyers involved, but sometimes things are out of your control. In the end, a contract means nothing.

Sadly, Ashley is not alone as there are dozens of similarly situated victims. You can read more of Ashley’s story here.


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