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Culture Wars Continued: Oklahoma Senate Passes Personhood Act That Will Ban Abortions & Possibly IVF

It begins. The Republican dominated Oklahoma Senate has just passed SB 1433, known as the Personhood Act, by an overwhelming 34-8 vote. Inconceivably, it does not even contain exceptions for a woman who has been raped or to save her life. If Oklahoma’s Republican Governor, Mary Fallin, signs the bill it will almost certainly face an immediate constitutional challenge. Given the wording of the statute, I have to assume it will be struck down as unconstitutional.

Nevertheless, I encourage you to read this entire article as it highlights the horrors that await if these personhood bills gain traction:

The bill would define life as beginning at conception, effectively banning all abortions and many forms of contraception. The bill would also ban women from getting an abortion if they are raped because there are no exceptions in it. In other words, Oklahoma Republicans are granting rapists more power over their victims. Not only will a woman have to deal with the pain and trauma of being raped, she’ll be forced by state government to remain pregnant for nine agonizing months, only to endure more pain while giving birth.

Basically, the rapist wins.

The bill would also prohibit women from obtaining life saving abortions from their doctors if the pregnancy threatens their lives. The language of the bill is so broad and encompassing that a woman may be forced to die in a hospital because her doctors would be powerless to save her. But that’s not all, under this language, it’s possible that even a natural miscarriage could be defined as involuntary manslaughter.

In-vitro fertilization could be defined as mass murder since the process involves placing many fertilized eggs into a woman to increase the chances of her getting pregnant, because some, or all, of the zygotes could die. This will essentially prevent doctors from performing the procedure altogether, meaning many women will lose their last hope of having a child. Even contraception could be outlawed by this bill because contraception by definition prevents pregnancy and many conservatives believe birth control is a form of abortion.

Oklahoma is the second state this week to pass such a bill. The Iowa House introduced a bill banning abortion on Tuesday and the Virginia House passed a personhood bill earlier in the week. In the midst of a federal battle over contraception, Republicans across the country are declaring war on women in an effort to control what they do with their bodies and enslave them to the will of men under a twisted interpretation of the Christian Bible.

Anti-abortion advocates and Republicans are no longer content with the American people deciding on personhood amendments via the vote. They know that each of their attempts to pass such amendments have failed, such as in Colorado and Mississippi. So, they are now just using the government to force personhood and anti-abortion laws upon us. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how Republicans view the will of the American people.

If we don’t join them, they’ll force us to.


One comment for “Culture Wars Continued: Oklahoma Senate Passes Personhood Act That Will Ban Abortions & Possibly IVF”

  • Shazam

    This is how bold the government is getting on trying to control the majority, and the messed up part is, its working.

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