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More Empiricism From The Conservative Movement: Abortions Cause Breast Cancer

New Hampshire Republican lawmakers have added a new twist to the conservative drive to alienate as many women as possible.  According to Think Progress, the New Hampshire House has passed a bill that requires doctors to provide materials to women before abortions that advance the long-discredited notion that abortion causes breast cancer.

It is scientifically undisputed that full-term pregnancy reduces a woman’s lifetime risk of breast cancer. It is also undisputed that the earlier a woman has a first full-term pregnancy, the lower her risk of breast cancer becomes, because following a full-term pregnancy the breast tissue exposed to estrogen through the menstrual cycle is more mature and cancer resistant.

In fact, for each year that a woman’s first full-term pregnancy is delayed, her risk of breast cancer rises 3.5 percent. The theory that there is a direct link between abortion and breast cancer builds upon this undisputed foundation.

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