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Assisted Reproduction

Surrogate Delivers Baby In Car With Help Of 911 Dispatcher

And the dispatcher was only a trainee:

A couple acting as surrogates was on their way to the hospital when the woman went into labor, so they pulled over and called 911. On the other end of the line was a trainee who talked them through the delivery.

Surrogate mom Kelly Beth Coyle had a birth plan, but that went out the window when little Madeleine Grace was born in the car on the way to the hospital. “It happened very quick, very intense and we thought we left in plenty of time,” Kelly Beth Coyle said. “I had not thought at any point that we were going to have the baby in the car, just didn’t cross my mind until she said, ‘pull over call 911,’” said Craig Coyle.

Madeleine arrived with a minor complication, but 911 dispatcher trainee, Dana Peloso, talked the couple through everything. “Once we saw the baby’s sac we knew that wasn’t normal and we weren’t sure what to do, so it was great hearing what to do,” Craig Coyle said. “I was waiting to hear the crying. That was the important part,” said Dana Peloso.

Once Kelly and baby were okay, she called the biological mother, Maricar Tarun, to give her the good news. “I think I was shocked, I didn’t know what to make of it and she kept saying, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t plan for this,’ I kept saying, ‘it’s fine, are you okay? because as long as you’re ok it’s perfect,’ She kept saying, ‘she’s okay, she’s ok, I’m sorry,’” Tarun said.

Reunited at the hospital, Maricar and dad, David Tarun, met their little girl. “A couple months prior, mom had had a dream that maybe she wouldn’t make it to the delivery and I had joked, ‘No way, I will keep her in there,’ and little did we know that wasn’t going to happen,” Kelly Beth Coyle said. As for the dispatcher, he spoke with 7News on Thursday, and was getting married just hours later.

Congratulations to the parents and newlyweds!


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