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Trayvon Martin’s Parents Commend Bobby Rush Who Was Kicked From House Floor For Wearing A Hoodie

Trayvon Martin I cannot help but think the optics of Bobby Rush’s removal from the house floor will not resonate well. An African-American congressman wearing a hoodie is somehow a threat to the body politic? Had George Zimmerman been watching CSPAN, undoubtedly he would have called the Capitol Police to report suspicious activities:

Trayvon Martin’s parents said they were moved by the actions of Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill), who wore a hoodie on the house floor Wednesday while talking about racial profiling. They met with him Tuesday to discuss their son’s case, but had no idea he was going to don a hoodie and speak about the case from the floor of the House.

“I’d like to commend Congressman Rush for pleading our case,” said Tracy Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin.

While Rush was speaking, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin were meeting with a group of Washington Post editors and reporters to discuss the shooting.

When they were shown a videotape of Rush’s speech after the meeting, they said they were extremely touched by Rush’s actions and were perplexed by why he was interrupted and not allowed to continue discussing racial profiling. They both said they believe their son was killed because of racial profiling.

“Why wasn’t Congressman Rush allowed to address racial profling?” Martin asked. ”This is something that needs to be talked about…This is a country of freedom of speech.”

You can watch the interview here.


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