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Fox News Calls Nazi Organization a “Civil Rights Group”

A Fox News affiliate in Florida reported that a Detroit-based  wing of the National Socialist party were in Sanford to patrol the streets of that city in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting.  Since history begins at Fox with the coronation of Ronald Reagan, the “journalists” behind the story clearly weren’t aware that the National Socialist party is not a civil rights group and actually the Nazi party who rose to prominence under Adolf Hitler:

The Fox Orlando affiliate, WOFL, aired a shockingly uncritical report of the group’s activities. The Fox reporter introduced the group by saying, “There’s another civil rights group in town.” She also conducts an interview with the group’s leader, Jeff Schoep, without challenging any of his claims about the nature and mission of the group….

[T]he National Socialist Movement (NSM) is one of the largest and most prominent neo-Nazi groups in the United States. The group is notable for its violent anti-Jewish rhetoric, its racist views and its policy allowing members of other racist groups to join NSM while remaining members of other groups. Until 2007, NSM members protested in full Nazi uniforms, now traded in for black “Battle Dress Uniforms.” […]

The group openly idolizes Adolf Hitler, described in NSM propaganda as, “Our Fuhrer, the beloved Holy Father of our age … a visionary in every respect.” NSM says only heterosexual “pure-blood whites” should be allowed U.S. citizenship and that all nonwhites should be deported, regardless of legal status. As Schoep put it: “The Constitution was written by white men alone. Therefore, it was intended for whites alone.”

Then again, I wouldn’t be shocked if Fox is trying to rehabilitate the Nazis…

H/T Think Progress.


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