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Illinois School District: Let’s Pretend Gay Families Do Not Exist

The purveyors of morality are back at it again and this censorship attempt boggles my mind. The Erie, Illinois school system has decided to ban Todd Parr’s The Family Book. Why? Because there is one page in this book that speaks to how children can have two different fathers or mothers. I kid you not. Now I have had the good fortune of meeting the author (who is the winner of two National Parenting Publication Awards and three Oppenheim Gold Awards) and we own almost all of his books. Back in February, I even recommended his line of books on this blog.

The Family Book has become my 18 month old son’s favorite nighttime story. Not a night goes by when Ethan does not insist I read the book to him at least four times! Yet this Illinois school district somehow believes that teaching diversity and tolerance does include our friends and families in the LGBT community. Imagine the horror if these poor elementary students learned that some of their friends are being raised by parents of the same-sex! Better to pretend that same-sex families do not exist, force the devil offspring of two abominations to be closeted and ashamed of their parents while indoctrinating another generation into believing homosexuals are deviants and not entitled to the same equality as their heterosexual counterparts.

This is social conservatism run amok. How ironic that this intolerance takes place in the “Land of Lincoln.”

Here is the author, Todd Parr speaking about the banning:


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