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Gay Pride Oreo Cookie!

Opponents to gay marriage have always threatened a parade of horribles if same-sex couples could marry. Among the fear mongerers were Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, predicting gay unions would ultimately lead to interspecies marriage. Seriously, Fox’s bilious blowhard prophesied that allowing two men in love to get married would lead to people being able to wed their turtles. But what no one predicted was that permitting gay marriage could lead to Oreos cookies becoming gay. Oh, the horror:

As Maryland continues to gear up for a gay marriage question on the ballot this fall, another snack food has taken sides on the issue. Following in the footsteps of Ben & Jerry’s gay marriage ice cream flavor, Oreo is showing support for same-sex couples with a rainbow cookie.

The “Pride” cookie isn’t something people can buy — at least not yet. Rather, the company released a picture of it Monday on its Facebook page. The rainbow layered Oreo with the tagline “Pride” garnered more than 145,000 likes and nearly 35,000 shares in less than a day.

Supporters immediately began campaigning for Oreo to make the icing-heavy creation real, something people could buy and eat. (It would be like extreme Double Stuff with all that icing.)

Just as fast, opponents began threatening a boycott.

That cookie looks scrumptious!


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