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Sperm Donor Dad and Lesbian Couple Reach Agreement


After a long legal dispute that ended last week, Massimiliano Gerina, sperm donor to lesbian couple, Maria Italiano and Cher Filippazzo, have finally come to amends. Gerina’s name will be added to the birth certificate of one-year old, Emma, and he will now receive visitation rights.

Yahoo! News reports:

A sperm donor who is gay and a lesbian couple are having a reunion of sorts after a nearly three-year legal battle over the couple’s daughter.

Massimiliano Gerina says he donated his sperm to the couple with the understanding that he would have a role in the child’s life. But Gerina says after Maria Italiano became pregnant in 2010, he and his friends fought over the role he would play.

The couple asked him to sign away his rights to the child and he sued. The legal fight ended last week after they reached an agreement. Gerina’s name will appear on the birth certificate and he gets visitation rights with Emma, who is almost 2.

The mothers maintain sole parental responsibilities and will make decisions about Emma’s health and well-being.


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