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‘Lift Swedish Ban on Surrogate Motherhood’

pregnancyIn a recent ethics counsel, the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics wrote that “surrogacy and embryo donation should be allowed in Sweden.”

The only catch? Surrogates must not be paid compensation.

The Local reports:

“Women who want to be a surrogate mother for relatives should be women who have the possibility to fully decide over their own bodies,” Asplund, alongside his colleagues Göran Hermerén and Lotta Eriksson, wrote in the opinion pages of the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

A minority of representatives on the ethics council wanted to keep Sweden’s current ban on surrogacy.

There was unanimity in allowing the donation of fertilized eggs, which is forbidden in Sweden at present.

The ethics council also changed its official opinion on having age limits on certain fertility treatments, stating that “individuals age at different rates” and placing the focus on how suitable potential parenthood would be for the child.

The Swedish healthcare system has an age limit of 37 for women and 41 for men wanting help to conceive, reported the TT news agency.

The new report stated instead that one of the parents should be young enough to care for the child until he or she becomes an adult.

Last spring, Sweden took a step toward legalizing surrogate motherhood after the Riksdag’s Committee on Social Affairs voted to authorize government inquiry into the issue.


One comment for “‘Lift Swedish Ban on Surrogate Motherhood’”

  • a guy

    This is a no brain-er. With all of the advances in Medical Sciences/Healthcare Mental Health/ Psychiatric & Mental Health Services… Things are not the same way they where 25 years ago when Mary-Beth Whitehead shopped around for an agency to work with (where I do not think Whitehead intended to hurt anyone/ change her mind, rather I think she was a normal, and very altruistic minded woman who had every intention of carrying out her agreement- Psychological Sciences where not much different then from now… We just lacked a method of tracking these people.)
    I grew up in the while gay marriage became legal, Matthew Shepard became a household name and social acceptance has converted from hiding identities to our lives being played out publicly- on purpose. I am old enough to remember how things “use to be” and “how the world have evolved…”
    We seem to be taking two steps forward and three steps back…. Somehow Gestational Surrogacy has become the norm, while traditional surrogacy has become a taboo because many believe the connection is too strong- this thought process is put to rest with simple understanding of adoption/ parental connections/ breastfeeding… Embryo Adoption, even other mammals once considered wild, now considered our ancestors have been the stars of major motion pictures.
    Why surrogacy continues to be a social debate is beyond me, the same people who want it banned also believe in the Bible- and I love the selective acceptance where age old ideas are made to fit into the molds of what they seek themselves. You know, gays are bad— abomination, but in today’s context that is proven wrong… Hagar acted as the surrogate for a 100 year old man, Mary conceived through immaculate conception and persecution?
    It took me years to sort out who I am, and as Judge Judy says, “the world would be a much easier place to live in if everyone just listed to me, do you not see how much time we could save?” If we all took a step back and looked at the bigger picture, what is the wrong in someone willing to help another…. What business is it of any government to tell someone what they can do with their bodies (hello, Roe v. Wade?) So big deal, Sweden also was one of the first locations to perform legal abortions, so they are making a giant step forward by allowing the reverse? If one person can bring a life into the world for another, who the hell are we to say what they can/ cannot do?
    Maybe some global regulations make sense, universal rules for criteria, equal compensation across the borders (enough with the “experienced surrogate charging twice the rate because she has done this before, its not like the more children we have the more experienced we become- maybe in child raring, but in the ability to separate emotions? This has been proven wrong by one case I remember making headlines where an AA GS, who had been a three time TS, changed her mind while carrying the triplets of another couple… genes don’t form a bond, your brain does.
    Although scattered, pull all of this together, and you see the contradictions that are in place- criminalize commercial surrogacy but legalize paying practitioners for an abortion? As a father of two via adoption, a third via surrogacy, a birth-father through being an uneducated teen, and a voluntary donor paid for my participation in a program for “special, hard-to-find donors,” and additionally a known donor- unpaid with no rights…. I feel like I have played on both sides of the fence. I regret my participation in the “special” program, but I am proud of my decision to donate and help create a family for free…. These are my choices… Even being male does not separate me because of my gender- I think about my ex-gf and I placing our baby for adoption everyday, and I have a harder time with living with this than she does. So, is my genetic material more desirable because of my hair color, height and IQ, I flunked almost every class in HS, but graduated Salutatorian in college. I am all over the place… Sweden is not doing anything special by “allowing” a woman to act as a surrogate- and telling her and the IP’s what they can agree to is ridiculous. If the Bible is okay with surrogacy, its fine with me…. even more confusing, I am Jewish.
    Global/Universal rules/regulations would eliminate any further confusion- enough with the headlines…

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