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Israeli High Court of Justice Allows Sperm Donor to Take Back His Sample

On Monday the Israeli High Court of Justice made an interesting decision regarding a reproductive technology case.

Galit, “a 39-year-old single mother with a three-year-old daughter conceived through a sperm donation” will no longer be able to use the sperm samples she purchased from the donor who shares genes with her daughter.

The hasty ruling seems to reward the sperm donor for his sudden decision to become religious and change his mind (and “lifestyle”). Frankly, I find it shocking that “the court found the donor’s right to change his mind after making the donation [as taking] precedence over the recipient’s right to use the sperm in order to give birth to biological siblings for her daughter.”

Luckily, the article does report that “Galit will seek rehearing in front of a larger panel of the High Court soon, so perhaps this is not the end of the litigation.”

To read more commentary about this case, visit: Harvard University’s Bill of Health blog


2 comments for “Israeli High Court of Justice Allows Sperm Donor to Take Back His Sample”

  • Nice articles about pregnancy, I will tell my friends who needs the knowledge about sperm

  • marilynn

    Why would it be shocking when they are his gametes and he can change his mind if he wants at any point in the process. Freedom is the right to change your mind and pay a penalty only she’d have no reason to rely on him to do something that was not even a real term of his agreement, it’s not like he was compensated for his gametes or his promise. Why should he not be free to break the promise when other people are free to change their mind’s about reproducing? Would it really be appropriate if someone could buy the right to reproduce with you and you could not say no? What was yes two weeks ago may be no today.

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