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German Transsexual Gives Birth to Child, Legal Headache Ensues

cryingbabyA recent article from France discusses a very heated case involving a German transsexual and the birth of a child. Please excuse the grammatical errors, as the article was translated from French to English using Google Translate.

The legal battle that father started in Berlin in April, may be long. It gives a cold sweat to French officials who work on the subject.

“That is not going to simplify our task!” Sighs Maryvonne Blondin. With his colleague Michèle Meunier, socialist senator leading a working group on gender identity. “We think a few months to a law that would facilitate the change in marital status for transsexuals, she says. As in Argentina, Germany and Spain, it would allow these people to get new papers, corresponding to their physical, without having to undergo surgery. ”

But over the course of their hearings, senators discover the complexities of the file … Thus, the puzzle that plagues services Vital Berlin. Early 2013, according to an internal memo dated April, revealed by the German weekly Der Spiegel, “a man has given birth to a child.” It was actually a transsexual: born woman with a female genital tract, however it defines as a man and, after taking a hormone therapy for years, had been registered as such in the Vital’s mayor. “It clearly looks like a man, shows Anja Kopfinger an environmentalist elected. He wears a goatee and has no breasts. ”
“Men Enceints” and “fathers women”

Where the plot thickens is that despite her pregnancy, obtained after insemination, the man does not want to be considered the mother of the baby, but like his father. To avoid having to mention the name of the mother of documents, it has not given birth in the hospital but at home, with the help of a midwife.

The sex of the baby is also equally uncertain … The father wished it was not mentioned in the registers of civil status. The administration opposed it. The child would have, it seems, was listed as male. But Spiegel allows for doubt: no one has been able to verify.

According to the German press, the legal battle of the father, which began in April, may be long: he wants on any document, the “mother” box is filled. “What will happen when the child sees that his father is actually his biological mother?” Are moved some local officials. “Germany will have to organize, warns Andrea Budzinski, president of the Association for the trans identity and intersexuality. There will be men from the speakers and “Väterinnen” (a neologism that could be translated as “father-women”). One day it will become commonplace. ”

Since 2011, the German transsexuals no longer need to undergo surgery – and therefore sterilization – for a change in legal sex. The number of applications has increased: while in 1995 it had counted 400 sex changes in 2012, there were 1,277 cases.

A “forced passage” of the government?

Is it “will become commonplace,” a day in France too? “It is not there at all! Ensures Maryvonne Blondin. We auditioned several transsexuals, they had already had children before treatment, “The UMP Xavier Breton is concerned, on the other hand, a” forced passage “of the government on the subject.. He just sent a written request to the Minister of Justice, issue Christiane Taubira . Asking whether the government intends to take a bill to the left filed in late 2011, aimed “to simplify the procedure for change of sex in the civil state.” “We realize that it is not at all fantasies!, It is moved. We need the government feels that there would be a strong mobilization against any project of this type. ”

The advisory for Human Rights (CNCDH) National Commission had recommended the end of June, in an opinion, to introduce the concept of “gender identity” in French law and put forward proposals to facilitate the change in marital status transsexual people. In the French procedure, medical certificates must be produced before the judge to testify including sterilization, even gender reassignment of the person. Including NCCHR request that the proceedings be disconnected from the medical procedure. It is also the wishes of the two socialist senators.


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