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Irish Supreme Court Reserves Judgment in Landmark Surrogacy Case

Irish Supreme Court

Irish Supreme Court

The Supreme Court in Ireland has reserved judgment in the State’s appeal of an earlier decision that ruled that the genetic parents of twins born to a surrogate are entitled to be registered as the children’s legal parents on their birth certificates.

At the recent appeal, which lasted 4 days, it was argued on behalf of the State that a child’s legal mother is the woman who gives birth to the a child and that it was not possible to have two mothers concurrently.

The appeal comes from an earlier decision of Mr Justice Henry Abbott, the trial judge, in which he ruled that motherhood was based on genetic or blood links.

At the end of the appeal before 7 justices, Chief Justice, Ms Justice Susan Denham said that the appeal raised important issues concerning definitions of motherhood and that judgment would be reserved. At present it is not known when the judgment is likely to be handed down.


One comment for “Irish Supreme Court Reserves Judgment in Landmark Surrogacy Case”

  • Marcia

    I am strongly convinced that motherhood is not only defined be the genetic or blood links. The connection between parents and their children are the most powerful thing. The parents are
    not those who give the birth. The parents are people who can educate, love and take care about their children. I am sure that there shouldn’t be any doubt concerning definitions of motherhood. My husband and I arrived at the decision to take up surrogacy. Fortunately it is legal in some countries. We didn’t regret about it at all. Moreover, surrogacy was the only way out for us. Now we are
    raising two beautiful girls. They are very smart and healthy. They were born from the surrogate mother. But I know that I am their mother and they are my children. I don’t feel that something is wrong. I am very grateful to our surrogate mother. I know that no every woman would venture to be a surrogate. I
    am sure that clinic should create such comfortable conditions in order surrogates feel well. Surrogates get proper physiological consultation in BioTexCom. This also influences the children. During nine months surrogates take care of babies. The children were physiologically connected with them. I also know that the surrogate mother make this step for her own purposes. That can differ. Some start surrogacy because they want to get money. The other ones want to help the infertile couples. In any case none of them would like the leave a child with her. Especially if take into consideration that the baby doesn’t connect genetically to the surrogate mother.

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