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Israel’s Sperm Clinic Crisis


Israel’s Rambam Medical Center has a big problem: its sperm bank supply is dwindling. Israel has fifteen sperm banks, all of which may close in the near future if something is not done to counter this dilemma.

There are many reasons why the medical center is facing low levels of sperm. Many Israeli young men are frightened away by the possibility that their donation may not always remain anonymous. Others do not donate because they are religious and do not want to create an illegitimate child. In an age where artificial insemination may not necessarily be looked down upon, some young men are too overwhelmed by choice.

In an attempt to stir up more donations, ten students were asked to brainstorm marketing techniques.

The results were strange, compelling, puerile, trashy and slightly brilliant—laser-targeted towards young Israeli males. One shows a military helmet and the exhortation: “Man! Contribute to a mother’s struggle.” Another, showing a bouncy baby, says, “Giving sperm—more pleasant than giving blood.” Then there’s poster of a handsome fellow with the tagline, “Do you think you’re God’s gift to women? Prove it.” Or the mock-up of a swimming spermatozoa: “Do you come quickly? At least make some money from it.”

While some of their ideas were shocking, the results have proven to be somewhat successful.

Quality of sperm is just as important as quantity. Unfortunately, sperm count seems to be on a downward spiral for men in Israel.

Scientists can’t explain why sperm counts are going down, and the theories number into the dozens, from depleted uranium leaking into the water supply to industrial dairy farming techniques, to the classic smartphone-carried-in-the-pocket. As one academic puts it, “We have a lot of theories, but we can’t prove a single one of them.”

While there is no easy fix in sight, the Rambam Fertility Clinic will continue to fight this battle, as the problem of infertility is a battle plaguing both sexes.

Source: The Daily Beast


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