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Misconception: Italian Clinic Transfers Wrong Embryos and Patient Pregnant With Another Couple’s Twins

Fortunately this kind of malpractice is exceedingly rare. While some will use this to further an anti-IVF and assisted reproduction agenda, it is critically important to keep the numbers in perspective. When you can count on less than two hands the total number of times this kind of mishap has occurred around the world since the advent of IVF, you realize just how safe this process can be. While this does not excuse the gross malpractice of the IVF facility, it shouldn’t be used either as evidence of an endemic problem. What is more intriguing is who will ultimately receive custody of the babies — the genetic parents or the patient carrying the twins. Which also begs the next question — is another patient carrying her baby?

A pregnant Italian woman was “shocked” to learn that the twins she is carrying thanks to IVF treatment are not her own, following an apparent hospital mix-up. Italian government inspectors were due on Monday to visit the Pertini hospital in Rome, where the treatment occurred, after the woman underwent a pre-natal check which revealed her unborn children possessed different DNA to her and her husband.

The woman, who has not been named, underwent IVF treatment on Dec. 4, at the same time as three other women, one of whom had a similar surname to hers, Italian press reported on Monday. Corriere della Sera said their surnames were identical except for three letters.

Staff may have mixed up the embryos ready for insertion, or the women might have even responded to the wrong name when they were called from the waiting room to undergo treatment, reports suggested. Michele Ambrosini, a lawyer representing the woman, said she was determined to push on with her pregnancy. “If she had wanted an abortion she would have already done it,” he said.


5 comments for “Misconception: Italian Clinic Transfers Wrong Embryos and Patient Pregnant With Another Couple’s Twins”

  • marilynn

    I think hundreds of children of parents who were U.C. Irvine patients that had their eggs, sperm and embryos given to other patients might beg to differ with you on the “count on two hands” thing. Don’t forget about the patient at OHSU or the patients in UTAH – Andrew, take it back or take off your shoes and 20 other people’s shoes to count the people who are currently being raised by strangers and may never even know their true identities let alone finally get to meet their parents and other relatives. Thank goodness for 23 and me and FTDNA because they have a glimmer of hope of someday being reunited with their families. Yes whoever raised them probably did an OK job of it but what about THEIR OWN family their own parents and relatives and their own true identities? Just have them keep pretending to be someone they are not because it’s super super profitable and all the risk is carried by individuals who at best have to wait 18 years to complain about the unfair way they are being treated. Even one swapped kid is too much.

  • Veronica

    You should be very careful in choosing the good clinic that can give you guarantees. it is very hard and important way. There is no place for any misconception. For many people it is the uniwue opportunity to have a baby. And when they found any misconception how they can trust. After such case many couple even would not like to try one more time. I was treated in Biotexcom that is in Kiev in Ukraine. I still keep in touch with many couples from the clinic. And I have never heard such stories.

  • Daniela

    Hi, Veronica, your success is very encouraged and I compeletely agree that it is very difficult to find the right country and right clinic for surrogacy. I have heard of surrogacy in Ukraine and people write on forums that they are worth to be trusted. It proves that the high cost means nothing. I know that Ukraine is very successful in the case of surrogacy.

  • Alba

    Service is awful! Little clinic building and many
    people. People from all over the world, speak different languages. A lot of
    people with newborns. We had to stand in a queue in order to pass medical
    tests. After that we had to wait about 1.5 hour to visit doctor. I hadn’t seen
    European service which I prefer.

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