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Assisted Reproduction

Buyer Beware: Exposé On Planet Hospital


Al Jazeera America takes a look at Planet Hospital and it is, not surprisingly, damning.


3 comments for “Buyer Beware: Exposé On Planet Hospital”

  • M Rhyannon Morrigan

    I’d just like to say how much I appreciate the courage that these intended parents showed in sharing their experience.

  • Jon

    I’m speechless, absolutely speechless to see this. I hope the people who are still looking to become parents don’t give up hope and persevere to reach their dream.

  • egg donor

    Buyer also beware of: Lilly Frost’s other company: My Donor Cycle. I donated with Lilly Frost months ago, and still have not even received my compensation or travel costs per my contract. I underwent retrieval, donated a number of eggs, and Lilly doesn’t even have the decency to pay me what is owed to me. Sounds like she is keeping up her ways with Planet Hospital too. STAY AWAY!

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