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Jason Patric Wins Sperm Donor Appeal; Paternity Action Can Proceed

Good news for Jason Patric as a California Court of Appeals has ruled that he can proceed with his paternity claim:

A California appeals court on Wednesday agreed with actor Jason Patric that the Lost Boys star should be allowed to pursue a paternity claim concerning his biological son, Gus.

A Los Angeles County trial judge had ruled that Patric, under a sperm donor agreement he made with his ex-girlfriend and state law, could not seek to claim parental rights over the boy, reports the Hollywood Esq. page of the Hollywood Reporter.

However, because the actor says he developed a parental relationship with Gus before he and the boy’s mother split up, Patric should be given a chance to prove paternity based on that familial relationship rather than his biological connection to the child, the Court of Appeal’s second district explained in its Wednesday decision (PDF).

The case now goes back to the trial court for a determination of whether Patric is the presumed parent of the four-year-old.


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