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Surrogate Faked Pregnancies And Miscarriages To Con Money From Trusting Intended Parents

Louise Pollard defrauded would-be-parents

Just heinous:

A SURROGATE mother pretended she was pregnant and faked miscarriages to take thousands of pounds from couples hoping to be parents. Louise Pollard, 28, of Higher Efford Road, took money from two couples in exchange for promising to help them have a baby. But after telling them she was pregnant and taking their money she then claimed she had miscarried.

Pollard was caught after one of the couples grew suspicious and went to the police. Earlier this month she admitted three charges of fraud and will be sentenced at Bristol Crown Court next week. Pollard, a former PA who four years ago said she was carrying Osama Bin Laden’s grandchildren before suffering a miscarriage, defrauded couples Keith and Josephine Barnett and Winston and Debra Kaba.

Pollard’s own brother, Shaun McLoughlin, told The Sun: “The parents pinned all their hopes on her. They had to go through the agony of believing they were going to have a child and then that the baby had died. Who would do that to another human being?’ Mother of two Pollard, who is now on remand, will be sentenced next Friday at Bristol Crown Court.

In 2010 Pollard said she had agreed to become a surrogate mother to Osama Bin Laden’s grandson. She claimed she was hoping to conceive using the sperm of Bin Laden’s son Omar and the eggs of his British wife Jane Felix Browne.

The couple have been unable to have children since marrying in 2007 and contacted 24-year-old Miss Pollard through a surrogacy website.


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