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Assisted Reproduction

Thai Police Raid Surrogacy Business

As we warned just two weeks ago, Thai police have begun to target surrogacy businesses throughout Thailand.  Watch police raid one in the video below:


4 comments for “Thai Police Raid Surrogacy Business”

  • Dancer

    It is a good news)) cause a lot of couples who used surrogacy in Thailand were suffered from frouds and they very often give birth to ill children. So it will be better if couples won’t go in that country. Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom is the best option for infertile couples.

  • Nicol

    I was also in Biotexcom, I am very happy that I had a chance to be treated there. I was afraid to go to Ukraine because I did not speak Ukranian and Russian, and I was afraid I did not know how I would be able to talk to the doctor. But when i cam to the clinic I had an interpreter, so there was no propblems with it at all.

  • Nelly

    After such cases less and less couples will go to Thiland for surrogacy. Despite the close position it is better not to take the risk and find other options, more reliable than surrogacy inThailand. When we were searching for surrogacy we understood that it was not an easy task to find the good clinic
    and country that could guarantee support with baby registration. We were in Georgia, in Russia, but we liked most of all Ukraine. We got right. We no problems and the process went rather smoothly. But I would never even try surrogacy in India or Thailand. The surrogate mothers live there in horrible conditions and earned much less than in other countries. So I am sure that Thailand government will regulate the situation there very soon.

  • Silvia

    I couldn’t have children after surgery. Nor my husband neither me had
    children before. However, our desire to be parents was so much. The only option was
    surrogacy for us. However, I was frightened that I would have problems
    with child adoption in my country. I heard that there could appear some
    difficulties. But now I am not so afraid, I got to know the European
    Court of Human Rights recognized the children born form surrogate.

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