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Were Thai Surrogates Used To Harvest Embryonic Spinal Fluid For The Manufacture Of Cosmetics?

I seriously believed I reached the point where nothing else in this industry could shock or horrify me. I was wrong. Very wrong. What kind of deranged mind would intentionally create fetuses, solely for the purpose of extracting embryonic fluid to manufacture cosmetics? If true, this demented psychopath should be jailed for the rest of his life.

Former minister Paveen Hongsakul, who initiated the raid on Tuesday on Soi Lat Phrao 130, feared that in the worst-case scenario this “surrogacy-for-hire” scam may be related to the potentially fatal extraction of foetal fluid to provide stem cells. She also called on authorities to investigate a case related to a woman who said she was paid for surrogate pregnancy, but lost the baby seven months into her pregnancy. Pavena wants investigators to find out if the foetus’s spinal fluid was extracted for the manufacture of cosmetics.

As for the nine babies found in the Lat Phrao condo, Pavena said most of them looked Caucasian, while only one had Asian features. The infants were between 15 and 50 days old. She urged surrogate mothers to contact her foundation, the police, the Social Development and Human Security Ministry that she previously led or the Public Health Ministry for help.

The police are now taking action, with national police chief Pol General Aek Angsananont saying yesterday that DNA-based paternal checks were underway. Meanwhile, police are questioning a lawyer representing the unnamed Japanese man, who allegedly fathered the nine babies, as well as the seven nannies hired to take care of the infants. Another woman, who is six months into her pregnancy, is also being interviewed, he added.

Pol Colonel Chitphob Tomuen, a commander of the police Anti-Human Trafficking Division, said his division would help with the investigation and prepare to file charges against people who might be violating medical profession regulations.

Meanwhile, a senior physician specialising in fertility medicine, yesterday voiced his support for immediate verification of the nine babies’ DNA. Prof Dr Somboon Kunathikom, a former chairman of the Royal Thai College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RTCOG), said the latest discovery was suspicious because usually children borne through surrogacy are adopted almost immediately by couples who foot the hospital bills. Hence, he said, relevant agencies had to work together to find out if surrogate children were actually being taken care of or exploited in different ways.

The nine babies are now in a government home for children in Nonthaburi and will be kept there while police proceed with further investigation and DNA tests.


One comment for “Were Thai Surrogates Used To Harvest Embryonic Spinal Fluid For The Manufacture Of Cosmetics?”

  • Panny

    This is very significant situation for such countries as Thailand and India. Sanitary situation leaves much to be desired. The health of surrogate mothers and donors is not checked in appropriate way. They have a lot of diseases, which affect the children. A lot of hidden fees and cheaters! I strongly recommend you to stay away from these countries if you want to have healthy children. Always couples are looking for low-cost programs and don’t pay attention to the main things. Moreover, I understand when you dream about
    children but don’t have enough money for example for surrogacy in US. But there are a lot of other options, which are worthwhile. I passed my program in Ukraine in Biotexcom clinic. I was looking for that clinic for a long time, I checked everything before signing the contract. And I had never regretted my choice. This is European country, of course they have some disadvantages concerning conditions and service. But on the other hand, they are very serious about surrogacy, health conditions of donors and mothers.

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