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Four More Babies Found; Tally Now At Thirteen Infants For Japanese Man Who Used Thai Surrogates

We are now up to a baker’s dozen with rumors of at least one more baby in India. Unless he is off-the-charts eccentric, his excuse of wanting a large family simply does not pass the smell test:

Thai police said Friday that four more babies who might have been fathered by a Japanese businessman who just fled back to Japan have been located, bringing the total linked to the odd cache of infants found in Bangkok this week to 13. The unnamed man, whom his lawyer claims is a rich businessman and the surrogate father of the babies, is 24 years old and has visited Thailand 65 times over the past two years, according to Thai immigration authorities.

His lawyer said the man actually resides in Hong Kong and local media reported that he departed Thailand for Macau early Thursday. The discovery of the infants came after another high-profile case in which an Australian couple stand accused of abandoning a baby boy with Down syndrome to his Thai surrogate mother, while taking his healthy twin sister back to Australia, shining a wider spotlight on Thailand’s unregulated commercial surrogacy industry.

On Friday, police found four more babies linked to the Japanese man but did not give details about their health or say where they were found. “He is the father of 13 surrogate babies and has been traveling in and out of Bangkok many times,” Thai Police Col. Napunwut Liamsanguan told Reuters, referring to the young Japanese mystery man.

The suspicious circumstances surrounding the cache of babies have raised suspicions they were being raised for cross-border human trafficking. But the lawyer of the man denied the possibility and said the businessman spends 200,000 baht (¥630,000) per month to care for the babies, which range in age from 1 month to 2 years.

According to Thai media, the Bangkok condo where nine babies were initially found and taken into police custody Tuesday is owned by the Japanese man, and the names of 12 babies are registered at the same address.When the lawyer pressed the father on the whereabouts of the three other babies named on the register, the father said they are in Japan, according to Thai media reports.


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