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Thai Surrogate Says Aussie Dad Cannot Take Her Child

This will not be the last we hear of this case, I’m afraid:

The Thai surrogate mother of a baby born with Down’s syndrome Tuesday said his Australian father had “no right” to take her child after the couple accused of abandoning the infant declared they would try to get him back.

Seven-month old Gammy has been at the heart of a surrogacy scandal since it was revealed his biological father David Farnell and his wife left the baby with surrogate mother Pattaramon Chanbua, taking only his healthy twin sister Pipah back home to Australia.

In their first interview since sparking a global controversy, Farnell, aged 56, a convicted child sex offender and his wife Wendy claimed they had wanted to bring their son home but left Thailand in fear Pattaramon would seize Pipah. “We have been trying [in Australia] to make sure first that Pipah is safe and no one can take her away from us”, he told Channel Nine on Sunday, explaining that as she was born in Thailand she was not yet legally Australian. “When we know 100% that she is safe with us, we can go and try to get our boy back.”

But Pattaramon, aged 21, said they could never take her child, who she says was conceived after another Thai donor’s egg fertilised by Farnell was implanted in her on the promise of a $14 900 fee.


5 comments for “Thai Surrogate Says Aussie Dad Cannot Take Her Child”

  • Dancer

    The same situation can happen in Russia, according their legislation surrogate mother has the right for the child she is carring in her womb. The only difference is that she would take the healthy one)) This is one of the reasons why I chose Ukreinian clinic Biotexcom.

  • Nicol

    It is awful news. I think it is unjustified for those who cannot concieve, those people have suffered too much. And now they face the new obstacles, the new troubles. The government should understand it. but just to prevent it it is better to go to other countries, such as Ukraine, for example, where everything is legal and intended parents do not have any problems to leave a country.

  • Rosalia

    Dancer, I heard about such cases in Russia. It is even rather expensive that in other countries. So before going you need in any case to consult the laywer and be aware of legislation situation in a country where it is permitted, where there are laws on surrogacy.

  • Nelly

    It is very unjustified situation. I also heard about similar cases in Russia. But there are other problems in Russia. Intended parents can suffer from impoper legislation. There were cases that surrogate mothers did not want to give a baby to indended parents. Due to Russian legislation they have some rights on baby. So it often provokes blackmailing. And intended parents are kept in difficult situation

  • Alba

    I was in that clinic! I don’t know may be I was not so lucky. Or may be they have different attitude to the clients. But I was so tired with their service! Low cost is not a reason to provide bad service. There are a lot of people in this clinic!!!! Patients sit
    on the door-step together with children. Babies… oh, they cry so noisily. It
    was a bad idea to unite families with children without them. We have not
    started the program but lived with couples who have been already had children.
    As a result we couldn’t have a rest, normal sleep. Therefore visiting clinic
    next day my husband and I were done in. There are many couples with little
    babies in the clinic as well. They run, jump and so on. It’s like day-care

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