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Thai Officials Stopping American & Australian Families From Leaving Country With Babies

The fallout continues:

Two Australian homosexual couples, who were flying out with surrogate babies, have been barred from travel by immigration officials in Thailand as its local government continues its crackdown on surrogacy laws. It is believed the couples were leaving from Bangkok international airport when they were stopped on Thursday afternoon, according to the ABC.

The alleged abandonment of baby Gammy – a child carried by surrogate mother Pattaramon Chanbua (pictured with the seven-month-old – sparked a surrogacy crackdown in Thailand. This discovery came after two American couples were also stopped for the same thing in the past 24 hours.

Another Australian couple were also sent home from Bangkok on Sunday when they tried to leave the country with a baby born via a surrogate mother, Fairfax Media reported. Unless a court order directs otherwise, immigration officials have the authority to stop surrogate babies leaving the country.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s new government looks to push through legislation looking at halting commercial surrogacy.


5 comments for “Thai Officials Stopping American & Australian Families From Leaving Country With Babies”

  • Kathy

    What, no more stop & shop?!!

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  • Dancer

    I know that it is a big problem to register a child and come back home legally, but it is possible, you should read carefully the legislation of your country and country you are going for surrogacy journey. Moreover a chosen clinic should have experience of registartion the child in your country. In Biotexcom we didn’t have any problems with registration and moreover they take responsibility for registration of our child.

  • Rosalia

    Many American and Australian couples just wanted to spend less money. But with the surrogacy in Thailand they just gained more troubles. Of course I understand that it is more expensive to do it in USA. but it is necessary to find out more information about otheri clinics in different countries in order to be well aware about the situation industry in general.

  • Anna

    It is so sad story. It is even hard to express with your own words. It seems to me that surrogate mothers in Thailand and in India do not have any rights. They are cheated very often. The poor women try to get at least little money to survive. All of them live in bad and insanitary conditions. I knew it and even didn’t have any desire to try program there. I was very afraid to do surrogacy there. I came to Ukraine after
    thinking a lot I decided to go to Biotexcom. I was satisfied with my surrogate mother. She was a young and beautiful woman of 28. I chose her by photo. I didn’t know her personally. But I knew some facts about her. She was a nurse and worked in some medical centre. She also had a daughter of 5. I think it was a great advantage for the clinic to have opportunity to choose the donor by the photo. When you look at the photo you can see the personality. The description don’t always work well. We had a contract
    between three parties. I don’t know how much she was paid. However, I am sure that everything was legal and fair, she had a contract with her rights.

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