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Surrogacy Trap: Is Mexico About To Become The Next Thailand?

We have been documenting over the past few weeks what has been transpiring in Thailand. From an Intended Parent seeking to have 1,000 children to Intended Parents abandoning their baby who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Thailand’s military response to these outrageous incidents has been unconscionably excessive as instead of focusing on the bad actors, they instead are punishing the innocent victims. Hundreds of parents and their children are currently trapped in Thailand, unable to return home with their families in reaction (or retaliation) for the recent revelations regarding their surrogacy industry.

But this is a story we have seen before. Reproductive tourism facilities as well as IVF clinics and agencies have capitalized on non-existent laws or lax enforcement of existing restrictions to create an illusion of safety in order to induce thousands of unsuspecting infertility patients to proceed with surrogacy and egg donation in their country du jour. Ukraine, Panama, India and now Thailand were once popular cross-border destinations that have left a long list of victims in its wake.

Well if history is any predictor, Mexico may very well be the next country to pull the plug on its burgeoning surrogacy industry. We have already chronicled the collapse of Planet Hospital a few months ago which had turned to Mexico as its primary base of operations. Sordid stories of irregularities and allegations of misconduct in the Mexican surrogacy industry are beginning to become more commonplace.

So it would not be a surprise at all if Mexico follows in Thailand and India’s footsteps. Consequently, before considering the allure of Mexico and doing surrogacy on the cheap, be sure you are fully informed of the risks. Because at the end of the day, you may very well find yourself in a situation where you are not only without child, but your life savings as well.


7 comments for “Surrogacy Trap: Is Mexico About To Become The Next Thailand?”

  • Dancer

    As I know in Mexico
    surrogacy programs are allowed for the carriers of the AIDS virus/HIV and
    patients with viral hepatitis. Surrogate mothers who are in the program,
    unfortunately, are not always checked properly. Very rarely they pass all the
    necessary medical examinations. It leads to a variety of diseases,
    malformations in the unborn child, complications during childbirth, and a lot
    of other problems. So I can’t recommend you even to contact them. I think it
    can be dangerous for your future child. So think twice before making a
    decision. I can tell you,
    that after visit in Ukraine I was planning to visit them. But thanks God
    manager of Biotex convinced me to sign the agreement

  • Dana

    I think Mexico can surpass India or Thailand. For profit they are ready to provide everything. Surrogacy in Mexico is the “new frontier” for international surrogacy. I’ve seen several agency reps and facilitators making numerous claims about the exit process and how “easy” it is. Unfortunately, what I’m not seeing is many people who can actually back up their assertions with experience. My opinion is just that- an opinion, and I’ll state up front, I’m not an expert on surrogacy in Mexico. However, I’m not pretending to be and I’m not charging people for my opinions. Obviously your mileage may vary, but let me frank- one of the number one things I am paying a facilitator for is their first hand experience. If they haven’t done this before, then I’m being asked to pay someone to practice their skills on MY baby. There are some circumstances when on the job training works out to everyone’s benefit. Personally, I’m not comfortable with that when the safety and wellbeing on an infant is at stake. I have experienced too much loss, pain and heartache to entrust our baby or babies to someone who has not completed an entire process with at LEAST 2-3 other people. Frankly, I want a facilitator who has done this 20+ times, with more than one type of family. Sure, someone needs to be the first person to go through the process in a new country. However, with the kind of money that facilitators charge, why should I be asked to pay a considerable amount of money? Sometimes up to 10k, for the services of someone who can’t show me a track record that justifies their fees. A friend of mine has put together information about her experience in Mexico. For anyone considering going there, I’d definitely read over her information and like this page on FB. This information is from someone with intimate, first hand knowledge of the process in Mexico and it’s being offered as a resource free of charge.

  • Allison

    I completely agree with the author of the article. There are a lot of examples that testify that
    Mexico follows Asian countries. As in Asian countries there is lack of surrogates. As far as the situation with surrogate mothers is concerned it is quite the same. Surrogate mothers don’t have a proper control. They can offer you surrogate mother with different diseases. For example, it can be diabetes, Chlamydia or other infections. I know some couples that also went to Mexico. As a result they were
    unsatisfied with treatment. They spent a lot of money. There has been mentioned that the price is not high. To some extent it is true. Though there are a lot of hidden fees and pitfalls. In the end your program can have unpredictable price. Furthermore, the surrogacy in Mexico is only legal in Tabasco. However, there are clinics all over the country. As they explain they just finish the program in this state. A lot of questions appear from this point. For example, how do they register the baby? How do they control the pregnancy if they admit unhealthy surrogates? It is a big risk anyway. The sanitary conditions of the hospitals also leave much to be desired. The baby can get infection staying in the hospital. Take into consideration that the price of the program is about 20-25 thousands dol. From this sum the surrogate can earn only the third part. That is about 7 thousand dollars. It is not so much. It is not the decent pay for such thing. That’s why only the women from the poorest districts agree for it. During the pregnancy they continue living in horrible conditions. They are usually from troubled
    families. And nobody control their social and physiological state. Though there is a strong connection between surrogate mother and the fetus during nine months. The gestational carrier should be responsible too. If the surrogate mother will be hit or will be in depression, it will certainly affect the baby. I don’t understand people who are going to such countries as Mexico or Thailand. These countries are not the last hope. On the contrary they are able to provoke new risks. There are other options. I understand that there are not so much. I think it is better to go to European country. For instance, Ukraine offers high success rate and good conditions.

  • sunshine

    I have read this article. I am surprised that it is written about Ukraine in such way. Perhaps it depends on the clinic. But two year we had surrogacy program in BioTexCom. I don’t regret about it at all. This clinic helped my dreams come true. They helped with child registration and preparation of all necessary documentation.

  • Ross

    In Mexico there are no “industry” subrogation. These businesses have brought foreigners such as PH.

    They exploit young mothers, with lies. Planet Hospital, has disappointed, as others above, women in the area of Mexican SE. Assisted fertilization practices are abominable.
    No need to self-excuse in a country. Check your expectations as a society.
    No need to invent the sordid stories about infections and poverty.
    These false “hospitals”, take away their children to these women.
    This is worst that sexual exploitation.

  • Luis Bourg

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  • Jessica Martell

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