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Assisted Reproduction

Second Australian Couple Abandons One Of Their Twin Babies In India

I guess this should not come as any surprise, given how many people are looking to do this on the cheap, the utter absence of regulation or oversight and how little incentive the agencies have to screen their prospective Intended Parents:

The abandonment of another surrogate baby in Asia has sparked calls for a national inquiry into the practice. Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant says a surrogate mother gave birth to twins in India in 2012 but their Australian parents only took one home. The commissioning parents, who had gone through an agency, did not want to take both babies. ‘They already had one sex and they didn’t want the other child. I don’t know whether it was a boy or a girl,’ Chief Justice Bryant told the ABC.

Consular staff at Australia’s High Commission in New Delhi delayed giving the Australian parents a visa while they tried to convince them to take both children home, she said. ‘In the meantime, they were getting pressure from Australia to grant the visa,’ she said.

The ABC says sources have told them there was concern a senior federal politician had been advocating on behalf of the Australian parents. However, Chief Justice Bryant says she does not know where the pressure came from. ‘There definitely was some pressure being placed to expedite the process to ensure they could return to Australia. That’s what I have been told,’ she said.

Consular officials told her the abandoned child was passed to another family ‘But they expressed to me their great concern that in fact money had changed hands,’ she said.


One comment for “Second Australian Couple Abandons One Of Their Twin Babies In India”

  • This headline needs to be amended, as this evil couple are NOT Australian, they are Indians, it is a fact that has been not reported at all correctly by media, the parents are Indian born and bred, they are
    Indian Nationals, only recently migrated to Australia on Skilled Migrant PR Visas, and after 2 years they were granted Australian Citizenship, but by nature and culture this does not make them Australian. The truth finally came out in July 2015 when media finally admitted they are Indian Nationals. See documentary interview here http://www.abc.net.au/foreign/content/2015/s4260667.htm

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