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Aussie Parents Devastated Following Indian Surrogacy Mix-Up As Neither Is Genetically Related To Their Twin Girls

mix-up involving an Indian surrogate has left an Australian couple devastated that their child has no genetic link to them.

The couple, who have not been named, have been left devastated by the discovery after they used an Indian surrogate to have a child.

The incident was uncovered as details of three specific Indian surrogacy cases became public after the release of a report on surrogacy by the Attorney-­General’s department.

In one of the cases, an Australia couple “commissioned” twin girls via an Indian surrogate. The pair claims they intended the twins to have biological ties to their father, but would use donor eggs.

However, DNA tests results showed that there is no biological tie to the father whatsoever. It’s unclear how the mix-up occurred.

“Mr P, an Australian citizen of Indian background, commissioned twin girls who he claims were intended to have been his biological children using donor eggs,” the report states, “but DNA test results showed no biological tie.”

In another case it is claimed an Indian man on a temporary Australian visa faked a relationship with an Australian woman, using his ex-wife as a “surrogate” to gain citizenship.

The man and woman, whose names have been changed, claim to have had a child under a surrogacy arrangement in India. There are concerns that this was part of a “baby for a visa deal”.

“Ms B is sponsoring Mr K for a partner visa. There are doubts about whether their ­relationship is a genuine partner relationship. The (claimed) surrogate mother is Mr K’s ­ex-wife,” the report states.

“While this is speculation, it is possible this case ­represents a ‘baby for a visa’ deal and that once Mr K is a­ ­permanent resident, he would reconcile with his first wife and seek to sponsor her and their child for migration.”

In yet another case, officials have been informed of an Australian woman who has been left with a baby that holds no genetic links to her husband after seeking a surrogate through an Indian agency.

“The child was born to Australian parents who went to India to arrange surrogacy,” a source said.

“While they were waiting for the confirmation of the genetic link, the Immigration Department agreed for them to relocate to Hong Kong. When the tests came back there was no link.”

The report comes after the much publicised case of baby Gammy, the Down syndrome child who was born via surrogate and abandoned in Thailand by an Australian couple.


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