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Woman Met Her Anonymous Sperm Donor & Fell in Love

In this “feel-good” story from Buzzfeed, a woman meets her anonymous sperm donor and they fall in love. See the original video from ABC here.


Aminah Hart and Scott Anderson are both parents to Leila, but they didn’t meet until well after she was born.

ABC’s Australian Story last night reported on Australian advertising executive Aminah Hart, who sought out and fell in love with the anonymous sperm donor who fathered her baby.

Hart had previously lost two baby boys to two separate fathers because of a hereditary genetic disorder.

In 2012, she was finally able to give birth to a baby girl, Leila, through the use of a sperm donation.

Scott Andersen, a cattle breeder from Phillip Island, was the mystery donator. Aminah was curious who the father of her daughter was, but was hesitant to investigate.

It was actually Hart’s mother who tracked down Andersen with only three pieces of information:

At the time of donation, Scott had agreed that any recipients of his sperm would be able to contact him — so Aminah made a formal request for contact.

The two decided to meet — at first once a month, and then more often.

Andersen and Hart began meeting more often and doing things with their daughter.

After a while, Scott introduced Aminah to his four children from two other relationships, and from there the pair began a serious relationship.


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