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Thai Surrogate Wants Baby Back, Says He May Be Her Own

More surrogacy stories out of Thailand: A Thai surrogate wants the baby back she carried, claiming that he may be her biological son.

A surrogate mother is seeking help from Thai authorities to get the infant back from his American father because she suspects he is her biological son, a news report said on Tuesday.

The case is the latest controversy to emerge from the country’s surrogacy industry, after an Australian couple were accused of abandoning their surrogate baby with Down syndrome last year and a Japanese man was found to have fathered at least 16 babies with surrogate mothers for unknown motives.

Thailand’s interim parliament last month passed a law that bans foreigners from seeking surrogacy services to end the “rent-a-womb” industry, but the ban will come into force only 90 days later and cannot be applied retroactively.

The 34-year-old woman in the latest controversy, who cannot be named, wants to get back the baby she gave birth to in January because she says he could be her biological son, The Nation reported.


2 comments for “Thai Surrogate Wants Baby Back, Says He May Be Her Own”

  • Barnabell

    I believe that it is completely immorally to ban surrogacy or donation. Infertility is a big family tragedy. All governments dream about baby boom and the same time instead of ensure the healthy nation they build factories which pollute the environment. But surrogacy is immoral! After it coupes go in India, Thailand,
    Mexico and suffer from cheaters and get ill children. In such countries surrogacy should be banned, not in European countries. I passed my program in Ukraine in Biotexcom clinic, this country suits very perfectly for surrogacy journey.

  • Mandy Berns

    I have faced with the infertility problem. In the silliness of my tender years I went for abortion being 19 years old. And when I got married and we start our thoughts concerning child it emerged that I have a lot of problems with my woman health. For some time, I took some medicines and went through various
    treatments but that doesn’t help much. At the end we understood that only egg donation can save us. So, we started to look for an appropriate clinic. We live in Germany and such procedures as egg donation or surrogacy are banned. That’s why we had to go to the foreign country where such program could be made. We chose Ukraine. Of course you will wonder and ask why Ukraine??? Yes, we also had some hesitations before going to this country. But after studying all the information concerning one Ukrainian clinic and reading a numerous comments we thought that it must be rather a good choice. Price for the program surprised us a lot in comparison with other countries where it is conducted. We paid 7 thousand
    euro and received two IVF attempts with donor eggs. I was surprised a lot when manager said it is one fixed sum and one red cent more! Driver, accommodation, food, medicines – all these are included in the price 7 thousand euro!

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