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Ex-Wife Set to Testify in Embryo Trial

Mimi Lee, the ex-wife of financial analyst Stephen Findley, is set to testify in the divorced couple’s high-profile battle over their frozen embryos. The couple received IVF treatments at UCSF’s Center for Reproductive Health, where they signed documents committing to dispose of the frozen embryos in the event of a divorce. After separating, Findley sought to have the embryos disposed of in accordance with their contract. Lee is seeking to use the embryos to bear children.

With the nation watching, the couple returns today to San Francisco Superior Court to settle the dispute. The hearing is expected to wrap up early next week, after which time Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo will issue a written ruling.

During his testimony, Findley explained his reluctance to parent a child with Lee, who, he said, has pressured him for millions of dollars during the course of their divorce. “[It would be] difficult for me to be forced to be a parent outside our marriage,” he stated, adding that he did not expect the remaining embryos to spark a bitter dispute. “I didn’t think the embryos were an issue in the divorce case because I remember the agreement we signed.”

In her upcoming testimony, Lee is expected to argue that her signed agreement to dispose of the embryos should be waived.

Attorney Dean Masserman of our firm, Vorzimer Masserman, is representing UCSF in this case and expects to start his cross-examination today. Dean has been providing updates on the proceedings at @FamilyLawLA. Further details can be found in the San Jose Mercury News.


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