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India’s International Surrogacy Industry Officially Shut Down — And The Repercussions Are Just Beginning

As you can see, India is no longer an option for international infertility patients:

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While welcome news to many, there is one issue that may cause significant problems down the road — what will happen with the tens of thousands of cryorpreserved eggs, embryo and sperm that remain in the custody of Indian IVF facilities? There have been uncorroborated reports that, as part of this ban, these gametes/embryos will not be permitted to be transferred out of India – potentially ending any dream these patients have of becoming parents.

If you have sperm, eggs or embryos stored in India, I strongly encourage you to reach out to your IVF facility and attorney immediately to try to arrange to have them transferred out of the country.

With India joining other countries banning surrogacy such as Nepal and Thailand, as well as claims of irregulatiries in countries like Ukraine and Mexico, there are very few options left to infertility patients. Please be sure you consult with a professional so that you are protected.



One comment for “India’s International Surrogacy Industry Officially Shut Down — And The Repercussions Are Just Beginning”

  • Elaine

    Such civilized countries as Ukraine, for example, conduct various reproductive procedures absolutely legally. They provide patients with a great level of medical and juridical services. And such countries have good results. On the one hand countries can develop reproductive medicine. It is extremely important in the modern world. On the other hand they can help thousands of infertile couples to become parents, very often for the first time! Ukraine, for example, always considered being the third world country with very low level of medical services. But look at the internet news and facts concerning reproductive medicine in Ukraine!!! Just Ukraine is nearly the first in top leaders of reproductive sphere. I mean surrogate motherhood and eggs donation programs! And despite poor infrastructure, weak economy and so on, Ukraine has the highest success rate in the IVF procedures. Ye, and its true! Examine the information in the Internet resources and you will see that Ukrainian centers of reproductive medicine gain momentum. Ukrainian doctors use fresh eggs and therefore receive positive results with minimum number of attempts. I had treatment in one of Ukrainian clinics. The price as for me is very low comparing with other clinics. It is only 29900 euro for unlimited attempts, meals, transportation in Kiev, translator, accommodation, treatment, medication, consultations and so on. I didn’t find any more clinics which provide such programs. As for surrogates we hadn’t chance to choose her. Doctor told us, that we can choose surrogate taking in account only her appearance. It doesn’t matter how she looks like. She hasn’t any genetic relations with a child. But the important thing for bearing a child is health and medical indications. And only doctor can check it. So we should only trust clinic and our doctor. And it was right decision, they chose very good surrogate mother. And I want to say that Ukrainian girls are very beautiful. And finally, ultrasound is allowed)) Ukraine is not India) They do ultrasound every month and provide clients with photos and video. In such way they monitor a health of surrogate mother.

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