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Tabasco, Mexico Votes To Ban Surrogacy For Gays And Foreigners

Tabasco, the only state in Mexico which permitted surrogacy, is following in the footsteps of India, Cambodia, Thailand and other reproductive tourism venues by closing its doors:

A Mexican state legislature has voted to close the door to foreign couples and gay men looking to have a child by surrogacy.

The Gulf coast state of Tabasco is currently the only Mexican state that allows surrogacy, supposedly on a non-commercial basis. It has attracted many foreign and gay couples looking to have children.

But the Tabasco state legislature voted 21-9 on Monday to restrict the option to Mexicans. It also says that couples looking for a child must include a mother aged 25 to 40 who can present proof that she is medically unable to bear a child.

Mexico has become a low-cost alternative to the United States, where surrogacy can cost $150,000 or more.


One comment for “Tabasco, Mexico Votes To Ban Surrogacy For Gays And Foreigners”

  • Elaine

    I am shoked of people who have this attitude to the surrogacy. It is so ridiculous and so narrow. When I saw the picture it was clear what kind of people wrote this. Those who think that surrogacy exists just to make gays happy. Or to help women who do not want to ruin their perfect bodies to get children. And exactly these people call the surrogacy procedure `a child sale`. But those do not take into consideration NOT gay couples. These two words surrogacy and gays do not always go together. The surrogacy is the only way to have a child.It can be genetically related at least to one of the parents who are infertile. These desperate people who deserve to be parents but are not able due to some medical issues are blocked into the wall. And just surrogacy can help them. I appreciate and respect so much those countries who are trying to help their citizens. And foreigners deserve too become parents. And those women who agree to carry child for another woman… They are just amazing. It is difficult to find a right word to describe them. Sure they get money for it… And most of people do it for money. But why not? They are doing nothing else but helping people. And when you are helping someone so much, this person, 100 % sure, will want to give something to you. It is like saying Thank You. Why not money? If someone needs it so much… Well, I am just so much FOR surrogacy. And FOR people who are helping to create new lives… And I am so much AGAINST those who are so narrow that think that surrogacy is only for gay people. And judges both surrogacy and gays. That is so discrimination.

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