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Anyone Who Has Traveled To Zika Impacted Countries Should Not Donate Sperm, Eggs Or Undergo Fertility Treatments For 28 Days

Courtesy of USA Today.

The British Fertility Society is now recommending that anyone who has traveled to areas impacted by the Zika Virus should avoid trying to conceive naturally, donate sperm or eggs or undergo fertility treatments for 28 days.

In addition, the Centers for Disease Control has recommended that pregnant women postpone travel to places affected by Zika and to abstain from sex or use condoms if their “male sexual partner has traveled to or lives in an area with active Zika virus transmission.”

There are also now reports that active Zika virus has been detected in saliva and urine according to Brazilian scientists. It is important to note that this does not mean the virus can be readily transmitted through these bodily fluids. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The CDC has updated their guidelines to include:

Pregnant women without symptoms of Zika infection can be offered testing two to 12 weeks after coming home from Zika-affected areas.

Pregnant women who have symptoms consistent with Zika should be tested when they’re ill.

Pregnant women who are not experiencing symptoms consistent with Zika virus can be tested when they begin prenatal care. The agency also says follow-up testing can be considered in the middle of the second trimester, because exposure to the virus may pose an ongoing risk.

Pregnant women should receive routine prenatal care, including an ultrasound during the second trimester. The woman’s health care provider may choose to perform an additional ultrasound to check the fetus for microcephaly.

Doctors should talk to women of childbearing age about strategies to prevent unintended pregnancy when Zika is a risk, including approaches to family planning and the correct and consistent use of effective contraceptive methods.

Local public health officials should develop their own guidelines, based on the local risk of Zika transmission and other factors.

For attorneys practicing in the field of assisted reproduction, I strongly encourage you to advise your clients of these risks. As part of our practice, we are now requiring that all clients (whether preparing to undergo an ART procedure or currently pregnant) execute a Zika Virus Acknowledgment that full describes the risks posed by this virus, and to immediately consult with their Reproductive Endocrinologist and/or Obstetrician. Further, this Acknowledgement should obligate all parties to a surrogacy, egg donor, sperm donor or embryo donation agreement to adhere to medical recommendations so as to avoid exposure this virus, including but not limited to restricting travel, using condoms and practicing safe sex.



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