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CDC: 14 New Incidents Of Possible Sexual Transmission Of The Zika Virus

More disturbing news about the transmission of the Zika Virus courtesy of the Centers of Disease Control:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it is investigating 14 new reports of possible sexual transmission of the Zika virus. The CDC said several of these cases are among pregnant women, although it did not specify how many.

“These new reports suggest sexual transmission may be a more likely means of transmission for Zika virus than previously considered,” the CDC said in a written statement.

Two of the cases are in women whose only known risk is sexual contact with a male partner exhibiting symptoms of the virus after returning from an infected area, according to the CDC.

Lab results are pending for four additional suspected cases among women. There are eight other suspected cases under investigation.

The CDC is working with state health officials to investigate all of these cases. Officials have not said which states they are working with or where these women live.

The CDC is urging individuals to follow its previously issued guidance of abstinence or condom use for women whose male sexual partners have traveled to a Zika-infected area. It also issued a Health Action Network Alert to health care providers as an added measure.

The CDC restated there is no evidence that women can transmit the virus to their sexual partners and that the most likely way to become infected with the Zika virus is from infected mosquitoes.

As we have previously recommended, if you are considering surrogacy or any form of gamete donation, please be sure to include language in your contract (or have an Amendment prepared if the agreement has already been executed) addressing the Zika Virus, including the risk, preventative measures and an affirmative obligation to meet with your treating physician.


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