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This Is Making America Great Again, Donald Trump?

There are no words to describe this incident. I have no idea if Donald Trump is a racist. But his hateful rhetoric is inspiring and motivating racists, bigots, Neo-Nazi’s and white supremacists. And while a group of Neo-Nazis were battering this poor African-American student at a Donald Trump rally, Ted Cruz was giving his Super Tuesday victory speech at The Redneck Country Club in Texas with a radio host who called black teens “jungle animals”. How can this possibly be happening in 2016? I have never been more ashamed and afraid for our country. This bigotry needs to end and the racists who assaulted this woman arrested. Now.


2 comments for “This Is Making America Great Again, Donald Trump?”

  • Kathy

    Andrew, if you read nothing else, read this. His analysis of the authoritarian militarized police state that America now is, is brilliant & perfectly spot-on. http://www.intrepidreport.com/archives/17482

    • Andy Vorzimer

      Thank you for sharing that Kathy. Brilliantly written and, sadly, spot on.

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