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CBS This Morning Reports On IVF Clinic’s Nonconsensual Use of Marfan Infected Sperm & Risk To Unsuspecting Children

Our client, Sarah Robertson, bravely shared her heartbreaking story on CBS This Morning [1]:

From the online [1] account:

High school sweethearts Sarah Robertson and her husband, Aaron, had always planned to have children. But in 2004, at the age of 29, Aaron suffered a fatal stroke.

“He was the best husband that any woman could ever want,” Robertson said.

As he lay dying in the hospital, Robertson made the decision to harvest some of his sperm. “I was thinking that there is a very good chance that my husband is going to die,” she told correspondent Anna Werner. “But I’ll have this, and I can have a child that will have his likeness, or his laugh to bring with me, and that gave us all so much comfort and hope.”

She selected a clinic in the Los Angeles area to freeze six vials of Aaron’s sperm. But when she was finally ready to have a baby, in 2014, she got a shock.

She said the clinic, which had changed hands and was now known as Reproductive Fertility Center, couldn’t find the frozen sperm. All six vials were gone — and with them, her hope for a baby from her husband.

“It was a like a nightmare,” she said. “Like, how could this be happening?”

Robertson has filed a lawsuit. Hers joins legal action taken against other sperm banks.