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Minnie (#102654)

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  • General
  • Medical and Genetic
  • Education and Employment
  • Traits and Characteristics

General Information

  • Age:26
  • State:Florida
  • Eye Color:Brown
  • Hair Color:Black
  • Hair Type:Straight
  • Body Type:Average

Parents Ancestry

  • Father's Mother:Chinese
  • Father's Father:Chinese
  • Mother's Mother:Chinese
  • Mother's Father:Chinese

Other Information

Self Described Personality:

I am very outgoing, bubbly, and straightforward.

Goals for Life:

I just want to live a simple life.. make steady money, pay bills on time, buy a house, start a family, etc.

Why Minnie Wants to be a Donor:

I like the feeling of being able to help others, especially with something that will make a significant difference in their lives; like starting a family. :)

Medical & Genetic Information

  • Adopted:No
  • Smoker?:No
  • Drink Alcohol?:No
  • Illicit Drug Use?:No
  • Any Transfusions?:No
  • Twins or Triplets?:No
  • History of Difficult Pregnancies?:No
  • Psychiatric Counseling?:No
  • Psychiatric Hospitalization?:No

Pregnancy Complications, If Any:


Disease and Conditions
of Biological Family:

Biological Family Information

Education Level:

Best School Subjects:

Algebra, English

Educational & employment info

Personality And Character:

I am very outgoing, bubbly, and straightforward.

Philosophy on Life:

Do whatever makes you and keeps you happy.

A Message to the Recipient(s):

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you start your family.

Traits &
Characteristics Information

  • Favorite Food:Anything, I'm not picky when it comes to food!
  • Favorite Color:Teal, black, white
  • Favorite Season:Summer
  • Favorite Holiday:New Years
  • Favorite Sport:N/A

Do You...

  • Sleep with stuffed animals?
    No, I do sleep with my puppies though.
  • Believe in miracles?
    Yes, miracles happen everyday.
  • Believe in fate?
    Yes, things happen for a reason.
  • Believe in magic?
    Not really, there's always a hidden trick behind it.
  • Have any secrets?
    No, I'm open about almost everything.
  • Talk to strangers who instant message you?
    Most of the time.. ignoring people isn't nice.
  • Wish on stars?