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Meng (#75417)

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  • General
  • Medical and Genetic
  • Education and Employment
  • Traits and Characteristics

General Information

  • Age:28
  • State:California
  • Eye Color:Brown
  • Hair Color:Black
  • Hair Type:Straight
  • Body Type:Petite

Parents Ancestry

  • Father's Mother:Chinese
  • Father's Father:Chinese
  • Mother's Mother:Chinese
  • Mother's Father:Chinese

Other Information

Self Described Personality:

I am very understanding, loving and caring. I love surrounding myself with family. I love spending time with my family.

Goals for Life:

I would love to teach English in Taiwan to regain my roots. But also teach around the world and understand more cultures.

Why Meng Wants to be a Donor:

I want to become a donor because I understand that life has it's difficulties. And I would love to be the resolution of a family's problem and provide a life changing event of allowing them to create a family. I can make a change by making someone's dream come true.

Other Distinguishing Features:

Pointed chin when I smile. High cheek bones.

Medical & Genetic Information

  • Adopted:No
  • Smoker?:No
  • Drink Alcohol?:No
  • Illicit Drug Use?:No
  • Any Transfusions?:No
  • Twins or Triplets?:No
  • History of Difficult Pregnancies?:No
  • Psychiatric Counseling?:No
  • Have you ever been arrested?:No
  • Psychiatric Hospitalization?:No

Disease and Conditions
of Biological Family:

Biological Family Information

Education Level:

Best School Subjects:

English, math, music, and dance

Educational & employment info

  • College GPA:3.7

Personality And Character:

I am very understanding, loving and caring. I love surrounding myself with family. I love spending time with my family.

Philosophy on Life:

Life will always be difficult. But as long as I try hard and endure difficult times, it will pay off in the end. Everything in life is hard work, nothing is given. But at the same time, nothing is to hard to conquer.

A Message to the Recipient(s):

I would be an excellent egg donor. Although it is my first time, I am on time and hard working. I always try my best. And I believe my best will be what it takes for a couple in need of a little help to create a loving family.

Traits &
Characteristics Information

  • Favorite Food:Spinach, pineapples, fish
  • Favorite Color:Navy blue
  • Favorite Season:Spring
  • Favorite Holiday:Christmas
  • Favorite Sport:Dance

Do You...

  • Sleep with stuffed animals?
  • Believe in miracles?
  • Believe in fate?
  • Talk to strangers who instant message you?
    No. That is dangerous.
  • Wish on stars?
    I only wish on shooting stars