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Do We Need an Egg Donor Registry to Monitor Long-Term Health?

Experts are calling for a National Egg Donor Registry after several cases where women in the US donated eggs and then later developed breast cancer. Right now, there are no egg donor registries in the US or UK and very few long-term studies on donors who have taken fertility drugs to help hopeful recipients become parents. Lack of data related to egg donors’ long-term health makes it difficult or impossible to say for sure what effect fertility drugs may have on a donor’s odds of developing … [Read More...] about Do We Need an Egg Donor Registry to Monitor Long-Term Health?

“Sperm Radar” Test Offers New Hope for Male Infertility

Powerful magnets may be the key to new solutions for male infertility. Recently, scientists have discovered that magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), which is similar to MRI technology, can detect differences in sperm viability at the molecular level in live samples without killing the sperm. So far, this technique has been able to identify molecules with differing sperm concentrations that have been separated into high- and low-quality categories. Although it will be some time before this … [Read More...] about “Sperm Radar” Test Offers New Hope for Male Infertility

Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients

If you are undergoing cancer treatment, your fertility may be affected in several different ways. First, an unplanned pregnancy during treatment could result in serious problems. Second, the cancer treatment may cause infertility and you may find yourself unable to conceive. For patients who wish to become parents, this can be a devastating blow. Cancer treatment drugs and radiation can cause genetic changes in sperm and eggs. An embryo that was conceived during cancer treatment may have … [Read More...] about Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients

Family Planning for LGBT Couples

For some LGBT couples, deciding how to start or grow their families is a challenging process. However, third-party reproductive options have come a long way. There are now many options available to gay, lesbian, and transgender couples, and it’s important for each family to find the option that works best for them. When choosing a fertility clinic, couples should do some research about things such as success rates, whether the provider has access to the latest technology, and whether the … [Read More...] about Family Planning for LGBT Couples

Embryo Transfers – What You Need to Know

One of the essential parts of the in vitro fertilization process is transferring the fertilized embryo to the recipient’s uterus. It helps to know what to expect, along with some of the risks and precautions to keep in mind. Here is some information on how the process works and for whom embryo transfers are an option. What Is an Embryo Transfer? The final step in the IVF process is known as embryo transfer. A woman undergoing IVF takes special fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries to … [Read More...] about Embryo Transfers – What You Need to Know